Lázaro and his family make Romero crosses and other wooden crafts for CAFOD.
They live in a town in El Salvador on the border with Honduras that is famous for this type of work.

Making the crosses

“The process for making the crosses starts with buying the wood. It is wood that comes from this area, from the mountains. There is a sustainable forestry management scheme, so it’s not that we are chopping down the wood irresponsibly.
When the wood comes to the workshop, it is left to dry out and then the wood is made into crosses, before going to the designer for the drawing of the pattern. We call this serigraphy or screen-printing.

At that point, I collect the crosses.
Once they have been painted, we add the varnish.

How the work is helping the community
There are many people who benefit from this work:
the carpenters,
the designer, the painters and the varnishers.

Right now, we have about 15 painters working, plus three people varnishing, plus my wife and I and the carpenters.
We work together as a group and have a lot of experience.

We paint about fifty crosses a day each and the fastest workers manage about seventy five. We pay 15 cents for each cross painted. That’s about US$ 7.50 a day, which is more than double what people earn in other types of work.

I am very happy that the work with CAFOD is increasing. When I was told that I had a new order, I was pleased because I know that we are going to have work for a longer period. Having work means that we have enough money to sustain ourselves and cover our basic family needs.

When we have work, we thank God. Many of us benefit from this work. Some of us have brought up our children through painting and have earned enough to feed them and send them to school.

Thank you

I will never get tired of telling you how grateful I am, really.
We feel that you are part of our family and we thank you for all your support.



Romero Crosses have symbols of the lives of the community where the cross was made, with Christ at the centre of it, a sign of his presence at the heart of the community.
Each cross is individually made by hand and is unique.

Would you like to design a Romeo Cross?

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