The Statue of St Francis

Since its erection on June 14, 1963 the camara marble statue of St Francis of Assissi has stood proudly on the marble plinthe ourside the front entrance of our school.

The statue was donated
by the wives of
Bing Crosby and Bob Hope
after they were made to feel so welcome in our parish.

Who can forget the shocking sight that faced both staff and children on our return to school at the beginning of the 2007/8 academic year?

Our statue of St Francis had been desecrated in an act of mindless vandalism during the summer holidays. Pieces of the right hand were found in the grounds of the school but there was no trace of the head.

The statue was removed by Andrew Smith of W.J.Lafford Ltd., West Drayton.

On the June 4, 2008 staff and pupils celebrated the return of our statue and were delighted to see it once again taking pride of place on its plinthe..

The following week staff and pupils celebrated its homecoming in a blessing ceremony carried out by Fr. Charlie.

Below shows in greater detail the removal, restoration and return of our statue
Removal of the Statue
Creation of a New Head


Return of the Statue


Repairing he Statue



Blessing the Statue





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